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Dr. Naraghi’s Treatment Algorithm:
Dr. Naraghi believes that currently 5 options are available for treatment of spinal conditions causing pain. Depending on the severity of the individual’s condition, one individual may start off at a different option then another. Here are the different steps:

The 5 Options for Treatment for Back and Neck Pain:

Option 1
8 weeks of conservative treatments: including anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy exercises, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture.

Option 2
1 to 2 Selective spinal steroid injections (under x-ray guidance).

Option 3
Minimally-invasive Spinal Surgery (endoscopic, laser, radiofrequency, ablation)

Option 4
Open spinal surgery (microdisectomy, laminectomy, spinal fusions, total disc replacement, X-Stop, Aspen interspinous fusion)

Option 5
Chronic pain options: spinal cord stimulator, spinal narcotic pumps, Chronic opiate pill/pain management.

Dr. Naraghi looks forward to determining what causes your pain and where we can start to help you in regards to your pain treatment process.


Dr. Naraghi provides comprehensive care for individuals suffering from radiculopathy. This condition is also known as “sciatica”. Radiculopathy is due to nerve irritation either directly as a result of disc herniation, or indirectly due to chemical irritation of a disc tear. This condition is synonymous with sciatica. Patients who come to us with radiculopathy conditions often feel pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness predominantly in their arm or leg, associated with neck pain, or back pain.

Disc Degeneration:

Comprehensive care for individuals suffering from disc degeneration. This condition is quite common. It normally occurs with the aging process. However, an injury or cumulative trauma can aggravate it and cause pain. It can become quite challenging and complex. Patients who come to us with painful degenerative disc disease conditions often feel pain, predominantly in their back or neck, associated with intermittent arm or leg pain.


Dr. Naraghi provides comprehensive care for individuals suffering from spinal pain caused by stenosis. This condition is due to narrowing of the spinal canal or the nerve hole space (neuroforamina). Patients who come to us with these conditions often feel pain in their neck, back, arm or leg.

Facet Joint Disease:

Spinal pain can be caused by Facet joint disease. This condition is traditionally called facet syndrome. It is caused by injury, inflammation, or degeneration of the facet joints. Patients who come to us with these conditions often feel neck pain or back pain. Usually there is no associated arm or leg pain or numbness with facet conditions, although it is not uncommon to have a combination of facet disease and disc disease causing a variety of pain patterns.

Spine Fractures:

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Spinal Tumors or Infections:

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